Ergonomic Pallet Positioning with Herkules Air-Operated Lift & Rotate

Herkules Pneumatic Lift & Rotate (10039) Herkules’ Pneumatic Lift & Rotate offers the lowest profile in the industry – just 6.5 inches. Rotation is manually operated, and can be locked into any position with an air brake. The Lift’s travel is a full 25 inches, and if specified, travel can reach 75 inches. Ideal for pack and unpack operations, workers can position every pallet at the optimum height and position to minimize strain

while completing the task. The low profile allows a taller pallet load to be transported, ultimately reducing shipping costs.

Herkules designs and builds all pneumatic Lift systems with standard stocked modules, so customization is simple and less costly. All pneumatic Lift modules incorporate Herkules patented Air Bag™ technology which provides a direct one-to-one lift ratio. The lifting motion is smooth and stable. This power source is simple to operate, environmentally friendly and virtually maintenance free. There are no hydraulic fluids to clean up or replace, leaving a clean, safe floor for all foot traffic.

The rotate module can be used as a stand alone (low profile of 2.5”), and is equipped with a high-grade turret style bearing that can handle load slamming and fork truck abuse. The size and design of the top plate and the corner retainers can be specified to the application needs.

Herkules Equipment Corporation has been manufacturing Pneumatic Lifting Equipment for over 25 years, including (standard and custom); Lift Tables, Lift & Rotates, Lift & Tilts, Operator Lifts, Power Rotate/Turntable Systems, Lifts for Integration, Cart Positioners, and Pallet Positioners.  Herkules has now expanded their product offerings with electric lift systems and hydraulic lift systems.

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