Belt Drive Scissor Lift Tables Ideal for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s)


herkules_belt_drive_lift_table_v0648_01 (10037) The advancements of automation of the manufacturing plants throughout the world will continue on an upward trend for years to come. The concept of automation along with robots, automated manufacturing and computer aided design are all advancing our technologies forward into the future.



Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s)

More and more automated guided vehicles or AGV’s, which are essentially a robot, are used to automate our factories of today. Most AGV’s are equipment with an electric direct current DC battery pack used for power. In addition, electric driven scissor lift tables can be integrated into the AGV’s. The use of the DC electric scissor lift table has two primary functions. They are used to raise and then lower a static fixture onto the AGV for transport or the DC electric scissor lift table is used to position the product for human interface.


Direct Current Electric Scissor Lift Table

Direct current (DC) electric powered scissor lift tables work well for AGV applications. Over the years in some AGV applications industry has found that our standard hydraulic scissor lift tables seep hydraulic fluids over time. The need for fully electric powered scissor lift tables was required. The scissor lift table needed to be powered by direct current (DC), capable of handling arduous high duty cycles and in some cases demanding side loads from offset loads creating a cantilever moment arm on the scissor lift tables’ base.


Electric Belt Drive Scissor Lift Tables

Herkules Equipment Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and sells scissor lift tables to the world. We have a new belt drive scissor lift table which is specially designed for AGV’s using DC battery power. The goals of producing the Herkules belt drive scissor lift tables were: to provide an electric powered scissor lift table to the global market place; to be powered with alternating current AC or direct current DC; to be easily portable; to be able to outperform expectations for high duty cycles and quality; and be a beautiful looking product at an affordable price.

Please contact Herkules at, or 800-444-4351, if you have an interest in our electric belt drive scissor lift systems. We will be happy to answer any of your questions.



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