Adjustable Walk-in Rack Lift Tables with Counterweights

herkules adjustable walk-in rack lift tables with counterweights v0054_01 Part number: (10029) V0054

Customer:  The Mazda Group

                      Auto Alliance International Inc.

Application description:

Large walk-in rack positioning for high production assembly line, fabrication stations and machining centers. The lift table is used to raise and lower the rack to the most optimal ergonomic working height so the operator can pick and place component parts.


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Hydraulic Post Lift Zero Level Lift

herkules hydraulic post lift v0690_01 (10027) There are times when an application calls for a cart or pallet jack to be rolled directly onto a lift platform before it is raised to a certain height. While pneumatic air-bag type lifts provide the solution to many lifting problems, they do not allow the benefits of zero-clearance. A ramp can be designed to be used in conjunction with the lowered lift, but the long run of the ramp needed to load the cart in most cases makes the cost prohibitive.

The Herkules hydraulic post lift is the answer to zero level cart or pallet jack lifting needs.

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Mining Material Handling Scissor Lift

material handling lift tablePart number: (10026) V0039

Customer: Queenstown Fuel & Feed

Application description:

Lifting and lowering of product in conveyor system for a mining application

For this mining material handling application the low profile pneumatic system provided  by Herkules air bag technology works well. The customer decided that the Herkules air powered, low profile scissor lift table was best for this application due to availability of air, cleanliness of air, low maintenance of the lift system in a harsh environment, and the lift’s low profile when it is collapsed.

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Belt Drive Electric Scissor Lift Table Benefits

herkules belt drive electric scissor lift tables_v0648_01 (10025) There have been many lifting technologies that have come and gone through the years. The two most common technologies have been hydraulically powered and air powered scissor lift tables.  Both of these styles have been around for more than 50 years, which is a direct result of their advantages and economical price.



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Ball Screw Electric Scissor Lift Table Benefits

herkules ball screw electric scissor lift tables v0597_01 (10024) Herkules has been learning the best ways to manufacture world class scissor lift tables since 1983. Since its beginning, Herkules has incorporated best practices in designing, testing, manufacturing and quality control of its scissor lift tables. Today Herkules provides electrically powered, hydraulically powered and air powered scissor lift tables.


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Lift and Tilt and Rotate Table

lift and tilt and rotate (10023) Herkules designs and manufactures several models of the lift and tilt and rotate tables to accommodate the correct positioning of pallets, racks, and bins. These lifts can tilt the material up to 45 degrees, then rotate them 360 degrees, then have the ability to raise vertically based on the desired working height of the associate.

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Mechanical Tilter Tilt Table

herkules mechanical tilt table v0242(10021) Herkules is a supplier of Mechanical Tilters which replace the need for powered tilt tables. These mechanical tilters place material within a comfortable reach of the operator which eliminates bending and reaching. These tilters are virtually maintenance free and are substantially less expensive than comparable powered units (picture shown with optional lift table).


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